iPhone Photography Winners: A Deep Dive into the Art of Mobile Photography


Today, we’re going to explore the stunning world of iPhone photography winners. We’ll delve into the technical aspects, statistics, and the artistry behind the winning shots.

The Evolution of iPhone Photography

The Rise of Mobile Photography

In the last decade, mobile photography has skyrocketed. In 2013, 50% of Flickr’s photos were shot on iPhones. By 2021, that number had risen to 68%. This rise is due to the iPhone’s continually improving camera technology and the convenience it offers.

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS)

The IPPAWARDS, established in 2007, is the first and longest-running iPhone photography competition. It has seen a 20% increase in submissions year-on-year, reflecting the growing interest in iPhone photography.

Technical Aspects of Winning Shots

Understanding Exposure

The exposure of a photograph is determined by three elements: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. iPhone photographers have mastered the art of manipulating these elements using various apps like ProCamera and Halide, which allow manual control over these settings.

Composition Techniques

The rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry are some of the most common composition techniques used by winners. These techniques help to create a balanced and engaging photo that draws the viewer’s eye.


Post-processing is a crucial step in creating a winning shot. Apps like Snapseed and VSCO are often used for this purpose. They offer a range of editing tools, from basic adjustments like brightness and contrast to more advanced features like selective edits and filters.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Winning iPhone Photo

Step 1: Planning Your Shot

Research your location, consider the lighting conditions, and plan your composition. Use apps like PhotoPills to predict the position of the sun and moon for the best lighting.

Step 2: Shooting Your Photo

Use the iPhone’s native camera app or a third-party app for more control over your settings. Remember to keep your hands steady or use a tripod for sharper images.

Step 3: Post-Processing

Edit your photo to enhance its best features. Don’t overdo it – the best edits are often the ones that aren’t immediately noticeable.

Analysis of Winning Photos

2022 IPPAWARDS Winners

The 2022 Grand Prize Winner was a stunning black and white portrait shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The photo had an aperture of f/2.2, a shutter speed of 1/1200, and an ISO of 32. It was praised for its excellent use of contrast and the emotive connection it established with the viewer.

Over the past five years, there’s been a trend towards more abstract and conceptual photos. There’s also been an increase in the use of black and white, which can create a powerful and dramatic effect.


iPhone photography has come a long way since the first iPhone was released in 2007. With each new model, the camera technology improves, and with it, the quality of the photos that can be taken. The winning photos from the IPPAWARDS are a testament to the incredible artistry that can be achieved with just an iPhone. So, pick up your iPhone, start shooting, and who knows, you could be the next winner!

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