What is a macro lens for mobile?

Gone are the days when people use to carry hefty cameras to capture mesmerizing images and moments on their trips. These days mobile phones with the macro lens serve as an exciting option to hold back the memories and catch the perfect shots in seconds. 

Even the mobile companies are competing based on camera quality and clarity for the same reason. It is also clear that the latest war between mobile companies is about to increase with the advent of camera technologies shortly. 

What is a macro lens for mobile?
A few macro lenses

But why is the buzz so loud about the macro lens in smartphones? What it is, and how crucial it is for clicking good pictures with your device?

Getting a broad view of all these aspects is possible only after learning about the features and use of a macro lens in mobile phones. After all, most mobile users consider camera quality as the top selection criteria before making any choices. So, let’s start an in-depth study on Macro lenses and their role in mobile devices. 

What does a macro lens mean?

Have you heard of candid photo shoots? Do you love to click those portrait mode pictures? Yes, a macro lens is nothing but a lens to clarify short distance photography. Taking detailed and crisp photos of the smallest objects is undoubtedly an emerging trend. And especially the millennials who wanderlust at new places love to capture the unique shots.


Macro lens photo
A photograph taken using a macro lens

1. With the help of a good quality macro lens, individuals can derive a better focus for the shorter range and acts as a magnifier. 

2. It magnifies the small pictures and gives it a more oversized look, which is also popularly known as a ‘Larger than real life’ image!

3. Photographers who wish to take close and crisp images with an advanced photo quality certainly opt for this lens. 

4. It accentuates the subject and makes it look brighter and better. There are speculations that macro lens technology is about to reach new heights shortly due to its high demand. 

Is a macro lens the next big revolution in the world of mobiles?

Mobile phones mentioned below are already using the macro lens to allure users with their camera quality:

• Xiaomi

• Redmi Note 8

• Samsung S10 Lite

This list is going to witness a sudden spike in the upcoming time. As a result, mobile phone manufacturers are exploring ample opportunities to launch these new technologically sound mobile devices. Do you remember the launch of P30 Pro with an incredible zooming feature? Just like it fetched the world’s attention, the macro lens in mobile phones is also going to make vast collections!

Mobile Industry these days is paying greater attention to marketing by highlighting features that users crave. And macro lens technology is already gaining recognition in these terms photography enthusiasts who love to immerse in nature photography or wildlife shoot desire for this technological spike. 

What is a macro lens for mobile
A macro lens that can be used outside the camera of a mobile phone

What’s the common sales tactic by smartphone providers of iPhone X, One Plus 5T, and Pixel 2? Well, they all highlight the best camera quality and charges attractive rates in return for the excellent camera clicks. 

A good photographer requires wide-angle lenses, stabilization, and a low aperture to capture the best panoramic views to portrait images. Earlier DSLR and other huge cameras provided such advanced photography technology. But the addition of small chips and lens in smartphones is bringing a paradigm shift in the whole concept!

What makes a macro lens a new buzz in the mobile industry?

Best quality at cheap rates

If you think that buying a phone with macro lens technology is very expensive, you are wrong. It is pretty cheap than you can even imagine. An average macro lens kit can start at the rate of Rs.300, and the cost increases depending on the sharpness it offers.


It makes you artistic

Not everyone can use macro lens smartly! It would be best if you pertained some artistic instincts to use this technology efficiently. Shooting a wavy flower, a small insect, or live subjects requires many photography skills and patience. Getting macro lens technology in mobiles also helps them to abstain from holding the bulky DSLR cameras. Right shots can deliver perfect clicks!

Center focal lens

Macro lens always provides a sharper depth in the middle of the image while blurring at the edges. It gives a significant advantage to the photo maniacs in highlighting an object by intensifying its center. As an observer, you also concentrate on the main image as the sides’ distracting elements get blurred. And mobile users have a huge craze for these types of photos these days. You can even check out social media accounts to find the sensation of portrait shots or candid clicks. 

Flaws of the macro lens:

Every technology has some loopholes, and a macro lens is no exception! A peer view of the small flaws can help you to get a better idea about its usage.

A. Due to the lessened sharpness at the edges, the option of zoom is not very useful. Also, the default image quality is low if you craze for very crisp images. 

B. You need a good tripod to support macro lens photography. Setting the right focus and holding mobile at the perfect angle might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And the image can get worse if you change the pitch while tapping the camera for a shot!

C. Center focus is not always you need to capture, which stands as a significant obstacle in macro lens image. If the subject is not in the middle, you cannot derive a perfect click. 

D. After detaching the lens, the autofocus option might not be beneficial. 

Small tips for handling macro lens mobile phones

Taking photos using the macro lens outside of the mobile phone camera
Taking photos using the macro lens outside of the mobile phone camera

a. First, learn about a macro lens’s details and then start using it. 

b. If you love photography, do invest in tripods as you can get the mini ones starting from a low range of Rs.600. 

c. Plug in headphones for a better concentration so that you do not deviate from the subject while using this lens.

d. Learn necessary editing skills or get some advanced photo editing tools to become a pro. 

e. Zooming photos with the macro lens can turn out to be a big blunder. So, please avoid it!


Now you know every bit of macro lens and its proper use with your android or Apple device.

A macro lens is now a necessary feature that most companies include in their smartphone devices.

Top mobile manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are prioritizing the camera technology in their devices.

Most companies now look up to better camera technology and advanced macro lens as that’s what will hold them up in the rat race!