How to take candid photography on mobile?

Candid photos are taken when the object is unaware of the picture. Such images allow you to preserve the natural feel and make the photograph more attractive. The first thing that you have to do is be alert about the situation.

Being in a ready position makes you react quickly to the moment. Next, stand in the place where you will be able to capture the photo at the right angle.

Using burst mode

Burst mode allows you to capture the moment without stressing the camera angle. Multiple images taken at high speed will enable you to select the best picture from the list. Burst mode is also helpful because the candid moment lasts only a few seconds.

You will not have much time to react. Thus, you have to be very quick. Burst mode will capture it instantly and make your candid photo worst to remember.

Move around the subject.

Candid photo stands out when they are taken at the perfect angle. Move around your subject to find the perfect shot that you find more attractive. 

Turn off the flash

Flash will make the subject alert. Therefore, keep the flash off when trying to capture a candid photograph. It is also essential that you don’t let the subject know what you are up to. Capture the photo from a distance so the issue does not understand what you are trying to do.

If you make them aware of your presence, they may try to hide, and you will never have the opportunity to capture natural photographs.

Stay where the action is happening.

Find yourself in front of the place where the most action is happening. Your job is to capture the beautiful moment with your lens and present the joy and happiness people had when they were together.

Therefore, stay close by when things are turning into action and keep your focal lens ready to capture those moments.

What are the best camera settings for taking candid photos?

A perfect candid photo relies on timing. So when using the mobile phone, work on the timing to take a photograph instead of focusing on the setting. If we talk about the setting, deactivate the timer. Turn your camera, setting the click to capture mode. 

It means the photo should be captured when you press the button. If the lens takes time to adjust, there is a possibility that you will miss the moment. Stay focused on the subject and react quickly if you want to become an excellent candid photographer.

Besides that, take care of the light exposure. Standing opposite the light will make the photo darker. Always find the right place where the light source is always on your behind and giving you perfect and clean picture quality.

What are tips for getting amazing ‘candid’ photos?

Speed is most important when you are trying to capture a candid photo. Stand where you can see a clear view of the object. It would be best if you took care of the lights. Once you find the right spot, capturing the photograph that looks awesome on the screen will be easy.

Follow these steps to get amazing candid photos.

  • Get a good camera phone. The picture quality on the low-end camera phone feels awful. If the camera is not capturing high-resolution images at high shutter speed, you will not be able to get the desired candid picture.
  • Set the camera on the default setting because most cameras are set to a good quality image processing setting on the default mode. There is a possibility that you have changed the setting recently. So ensure you are using all the default modes to avoid any confusion.
  • Check if your phone has pre-set candid mode. Some smartphone these days offers you pre-defined setting for a candid picture. Turn on the feature if you find it on the phone. It will make candid photography easier.
  • Practice regularly to have complete control over your device. Sometimes new mobile phone devices need practice to handle it in hand. A slippery body should be avoided. Use a case made of rubber, so you can control holding the phone.

Candid photos are selected based on the emotion you have successfully captured in the picture. If you miss the feelings depicted in the scenery, the image will not appear attractive.