How to improve your photography skills on mobile?

Photography is art, and it improves over time. No one will know as a photograph from his first picture on his mobile phone. Even people with years of experience using the DSLR camera to take good-quality pictures must learn the skill of handling Mobile telephones.

We will discuss it in detail with the standard points you should know when taking photographs using a Smartphone.

1) Gridline

Smartphones consist of a feature called a camera grid line. The square box of thin lines creates the perfect reference point to keep an object in the middle of the camera. The Use of gride line reduces the efforts to handle the camera steadily. Also, it prevents you from taking photos from the corners.

Gridline makes the weight balance in the photo more easily. The object stays in the middle, and your picture stands out easily. Your pictures shine, and you will have complete control over the camera.

2) Auto camera focus

Some high-end Smartphone cameras would have an automated focus option. The camera lens changes the focus based on the distance from the object to the target object selected by the users on the screen.

Either you choose the manual focus or shift to the autofocus. The purpose of the focus is to blur the background to keep the object prominent.

3) Understanding the effect of natural light

Being a photographer is a tuff job. Photographers spend days finding the perfect light condition at the location to capture that beautiful movement in natural light. Pictures look more accurate when they are captured under natural light.

It will keep you busy for days long to take a single photo. Similar situation mobile photographers would also have to go through. These days there are several filters available to enhance the photograph, but such images are helpful for social media only.

When it comes to professional photography, the filtered images will get rejected by the community. So stick to the basics and use the mobile camera to capture the photo without filters or any auto-image enhancing photograph.

 4) Mobile tripod

Mobile tripod
Picture of a mobile tripod

Start using a good-quality mobile tripod. Because no matter how still you hold the mobile in your hand, those shaky hands will mess up the photograph. Tripod gives you stable picture quality all the time.

Professional photography is all about the angle you choose to take the pictures. Timing and angle both create a spark in your final output. So keep the right tools handy and enjoy photography using your mobile phone.

Also, the tripod will allow you to set the camera angle the way you want and take the picture from a perfect angle.

5) Perspective

Pictures you see because you find stunning are the product of the perspective. Every photo will have some story behind it. When taking photographs of an object or even the blue sky, there must be some story to tell. When you see a beautiful picture, it triggers some emotion.

When the image captures the right human emotion that people mostly go through in their life, they will find a connection in the photo. This emotion makes the photograph more engaging. Such photos get appreciated highly and become viral on the web.

Anyone can choose to be a professional photographer and try their skill. So follow these guidelines and start capturing those beautiful moments floating around you.

How can I learn mobile photography?

Mobile photography is a widely discussed topic on the web. It is no different from professional photography. Just a few more pieces of information are needed to handle the mobile camera, and you are ready to become a mobile photographer.

These days many high-end camera phones are available in the market. These cameras are capable of taking excellent pictures with tiny details. Professional photographer tweaks their photographs between the mobile and DSLR.

To find the proper tutorial online to learn mobile photography. Also, there are many Youtube channels that you can watch to learn mobile photography.

Can you be a good photographer with a smartphone?

Yes. Capture anything you find interesting with autofocus and filter options and get amazing photos. The modern smartphone comes with a high-end lens and many pro editing tools. Pictures taken from the mobile camera are auto-adjusted according to the viewing angle.

Social media is filled with mobile photographs. Capture candid pictures and publish them on social media sites. So there is no limit to what you can achieve with mobile photography.